Green Energy Sources

About Green Energy Sources

Day by day nations across the world are turning more and more “green.” People use to mock the “tree huggers” and the Hippie crowd but now it’s finally coming to a realization that we don’t have an endless supply of natural resources. Oil prices have been on a study increase the past few years due to the decrease of supply and the increase in demand. Our world runs on energy so suppliers can charge as much as they want for that energy. That is why it is so important to look into alternative green energy sources to start taking the place of the current fossil fuels.

Green energy is a type of energy that doesn’t use up any natural resources and it is renewable and replenishable. The best sources of green energy are the sun, the wind, and water. Scientists are trying to find the best use of these sources to provide the energy that we need to survive.

Maybe the fastest growing source of green energy is through the solar panel industry. Solar panels have been around for a long time but people didn’t see the need for them since oil was so cheap. But since that is not the case any more certain companies are focusing all their time and efforts on inventing affordable and easily usable solar panels for homes and businesses.

Wind is also a source of green energy that has been used for generations. They originally were used to help pump water but now with modern technology we can harness the wind and convert it into electrical energy. I’m sure you’ve seen the giant white propeller like windmills around, they can provide energy with the slightest bit of wind.

As our nation and nations around the world are going “green” there are things we can do as well to help with the energy problem. In a way we can contribute to green energy by conserving the energy we’re using now in our homes. Don’t leave lights on, or water running too long, and don’t keep appliances always plugged in. Green energy is the energy for the future and it will only be a matter of time until we all will have solar panels on our homes.