Wind Power

Wind power – not a new energy source

Wind is a type of renewable energy sources that has been great overlooked in the past. Wind power has been generated longer than solar power has been around. The ancient Chinese used wind power to help transport water, mills in Iran used win to crush grain, and the early Americans used the power from wind to saw lumber. It’s a powerful source that needs to be utilized since it is a renewable resource.

Wind will always be around as long as the sun is around. The sun heats up certain areas and as the warm air rises cooler air takes its place. This results in winds rushing around which is where people are discovering we can gain lots of power and energy from this natural phenomenon.

Starting in the 1920s, Americans started using wind to create electricity. The wind turbines act similar to the turbines at the bottom of a dam. As the wind rushes by and pushes the turbine around it in turn creates power that can be stored as electricity.

Wind power is gaining popularity across the world. The state of California is the leading state in the United States doubling the wind power production of any other state. Germany is the greatest energy producer through wind and solar power. Australia has recently jumped on the band wagon and is continually increasing its power created through the wind turbines.

Wind power is not a new phenomenon but with the newer technology it is becoming one of the great sources in creating the needed energy our world needs. Wind power is even moving towards residential areas where people can purchase wind power kits and install it themselves. Everyone’s trying to help preserve this beautiful earth of ours by creating methods of creating energy without using up all the resources. Companies will continue to utilize this renewable energy source of wind power.