Wind Energy Companies

Wind Energy companies Worldwide

With the growing importance of finding alternative energy sources in the world it’s without a doubt that there are certain companies that are leading the industry. One of the most popular alternative energy source is the wind energy. There are many companies that create energy but just a few that are really dominating the industry; Vestas, GE Energy, and Seimens  are a few of the top wind energy companies.

Vestas – Vestas is by far the largest wind energy company in the world. They have installed over 39,000 wind turbines in over 63 countries. They have taken the lead of the industry and continue to blaze the trail of wind technology, manufacturing, upkeep, and sales. Every other company seems to just be trying to keep up with Vestas as they hold about 28% of the market.

GE Energy – GE Energy is the largest market provider in the United States. They have a great reputation when it comes to their electrical devices which helps their popularity about the wind energy industry. GE Energy has installed over 13,500 turbines but with its well known name it will be a wind energy company that will continue to grow as the need for wind energy continually increases.

Seimens – Seimens is the third largest wind energy company. It claims to have only about 5,000 employees but it is also one of the faster growing companies. Although it started as a family business it has grown to a worldwide business that is providing surfaces in multiple countries. Though Seimens has only been around for the past 30 years they have already provide 7,000 turbines across multiple continents.

The wind energy companies across the globe will continue you grow as the use of wind energy rises. It’s a market that is not on the decline but will continually rise as the technology gets even better and more efficient to provide the energy needs of the people.